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No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy

Advanced Hypnosis with Greg Forde – the next level of hypnotherapy


• You may have tried medication
• You may have talked about your childhood, week after week
• Your G.P. said try the C.B.T. runaround
• Overweight? You’ve certainly tried dieting
• You may have considered the Gastric Band nonsense
• Bog Standard Hypnotherapy – maybe, maybe not
• Basically, you’ve tried to figure it out and fix it.

It probably didn’t work – that’s why you’re reading this.
Now you can get the most effective hypnosis – online.


Welcome friend.

I’m a Yank, based in England, helping people step free of the problems that hold them back in life.

What if …

… you could be FREE of your problem in just 3-4 Sessions ?

As much as I would like it to take longer, my experience over 30 years is that, on average, over 90% of my clients get better in just 3-4 sessions. That’s what No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy is all about.

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All About Hypnotherapy

The Mind: Hypnotherapists and Psychologists tend to differ on this subject.

When Psychologists speak of the mind, they’re often as not, talking about the brain. I would suggest that the brain is no more the mind than is the big toe. Let me explain….

More about hypnotherapy

A Little Bit About Me

For over 30 years, I have been inspiring people to achieve more of their potential, by overcoming negative programs which cannot be controlled using the conscious mind.

More about me …

A Few Short Rants

I am somewhat of a maverick because I value what works, not what academics and ‘industry experts’ pontificate about. I make no secret of my views and share some of them here in my blog.

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No-Nonsense hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Topics


A lot of weird and wonderful things are said about hypnosis, by people who haven’t experienced effective hypnotherapy …

Read about the Myths

Does It Work?

I have past clients, doctors and nurses sending me new clients, all the time. My practice is built on referrals from people who recommend me. Let’s talk about why it works …

Does Hypnotherapy Work?


Let’s talk about what kind of standards make hypnotherapy effective … and what kind of standards, just don’t …

Real Standards for Hypnotherapy

Initial Consultation

Hypnotherapy is a very personal thing. So, the best way to choose an effective Hypnotherapist, is through personal recommendation – either a friend or your doctor or another trusted advisor.

You may want to check out what Standards they comply with, as well as their Privacy Policy.

Once you have some reliable information, you’ll want to meet with the therapist and decide whether you feel confident in their ability to help you.

My Initial Consultation, be it for Hypnotherapy or NLP Counselling, is up to 30 minutes long.

As always, it is strictly confidential, there is no obligation and no pressure to purchase. It will give you a chance to check me out, see how you feel, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Contact me – for a chat, or to get your Initial Consultation (up to 30mins) for FREE via greg.hypnotherapy@gmail.com