I keep hearing this lament from new clients who have tried an ineffective version of hypnotherapy, but continue to hold the belief that hypnotherapy can help with their problem.

It grieves me to consider the vast number of people who have tried an ineffective, wordy, diluted version of hypnotherapy and have given up. In my experience, most hypnotherapy is mediocre at best and not only results in a waste of a client’s money, but may very well prevent them from gaining the amazing results which can be achieved with the to-the-point, no-nonsense version of hypnotherapy.

The fault, I feel, lies mainly with the training, which tends to be far too academic and wordy. If you study the techniques that actually work, you’ll realise that wordy, unfocused hypnotherapy is just not how the subconscious mind responds.

The current trend in regulation, is to move further along the lines of wordy, ineffective hypnotherapy, by insisting that training schools develop a more degree-style curriculum, rather than focus on training hypnotherapy practitioners to become proficient with the tools that really work.  As the uninformed regulators increase the pressure to dilute hypnotherapy, more and more people will be denied this powerful, simple, elegant way to change their lives for the better.
Me? I’ll continue to deliver the sharp-focused, no-nonsense hypnotherapy that many people in Norfolk have come to rely on.