Self Confidence Hypnosis

Confidence, or perhaps more specifically, Self-Confidence, is having certainty about our abilities. It is our belief that we can function well in certain situations. It doesn’t, necessarily, mean that we are good at what we are doing, merely that we are sure of our ability to do it.

It may be that, our lack of awareness of others’ reactions is resulting in false confidence or arrogance. Often, people who are over-sensitive to the reactions of others, suffer with a lack of self-confidence. This can result in faltering behaviour, not because they can’t perform the task, but because they believe they can’t.

Self-confidence is linked to self-esteem. If you consider that the confidence is like the leaves on a tree, and the self-esteem is the root system – you can have low confidence in some areas (like public speaking), yet have generally high self-esteem, but you are unlikely to have confidence if your self-esteem is low.

A lack of confidence can result in social anxiety, performance anxiety, lack of public confidence, general fear, stress, general anxiety, panic attacks, and the like.


No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool when it comes to confidence hypnosis for boosting self-esteem or unhooking negative, self-limiting beliefs that adversely affect our levels of self-confidence.

The thing to remember is – YOU WERE NOT BORN WITH A LACK OF CONFIDENCE. What happened is, you were conditioned to believe certain things about yourself and these beliefs are affecting your behaviour today. True confidence boosting is the result of altering the specific beliefs, which are held in the subconscious mind. A person with low self-esteem / low self-confidence, who practises positive thinking, usually end up feeling frustrated.

You can alter your beliefs and improve your confidence in just 3 sessions of No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy.