Weight Loss Hypnosis

If you struggle to lose weight, Weight Loss Hypnosis may be just what you’ve been looking for.

No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy is great for helping people with weight loss by changing their eating patterns.

Yet, most people who try to lose weight, go on weight loss diets and struggle. If you are overweight through overeating…..


I Know…. if what I’m saying is true, how can all these people be so wrong? Money, honey. The diet industry is huge, and vested interests die hard.

No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy provides the weight-loss resources you need to gain a slimmer figure.

Here are some myths about weight loss:

• Go on a diet
• Stop eating fats
• Count your calorie intake
• Meet with other overweight people
• Use your willpower
• Go for Gastric Band Surgery
• Go for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

It’s all symptom-based.

Now, let’s think. The mind is a servo-mechanism…. it goes in the direction of what you focus on. When you’re on a diet, what are you focused on?

Really? So, if you’re thinking about food, most of the time, where does your mind want to go? That’s why being on a diet doesn’t work. Lock that into your mind, and stop beating yourself up. Only you will know how Weight Loss Hypnosis can make it all so natural.

What you need is some leverage – what the NLP people call ‘The difference that makes the difference’. How do we find this? Simple…

Listen to how a slim person talks about food, and then listen to how an overweight person does it. If you listen, you’ll hear it.

It’s the EMOTION. People who overeat, have an emotional trigger, linked to food. A slim person doesn’t. Unhook the emotion, the eating pattern changes. No Diet. No struggle.


If you get in touch, I can explain more fully how Advanced, No-Nonsense Hypnotherapy can help.


As always, it is strictly confidential, there is no obligation and no pressure to purchase. It will give you a chance to check me out, see how you feel, and it won’t cost you a penny.