Dave Elman

‘Elman’ hypnotherapists, base much of the hypnosis element of their work on Mr Dave Elman. Unlike Milton Erickson, Elman was not a genius – he was a journeyman. His skills are far easier to replicate than Erickson’s.

Dave Elman specialised in rapid inductions, which form an integral part of an advanced hypnotherapist’s tool box. By reducing the time taken to achieve hypnosis (even our ‘long’ induction takes less than 10 minutes), not only is there more time in the session for therapy, but the quality of the hypnosis is greatly improved.

Elman’s main area of interest, was the use of hypnosis in the fields of dentistry and medicine. He specialised in teaching doctors and dentists both rapid inductions and effective pain control techniques.

When rapid inductions are combined with direct access to the subconscious mind and the essence of N.L.P., the result often resembles magic.

This elegant way of working forms the main platform of my work with clients, enabling me, in most cases, to achieve results in just a few sessions. While some suggestion therapy is utilised by myself and fellow members of The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy, it is used as a backup.