Effective Hypnotherapy-vs-Regulation

As President of my professional organisation, I am reviewing the current requirements for the inclusion of a Hypnotherapist in a number of Hypnotherapy Registers.

As is more and more the case, the academics are doing their level best to inhibit effective Hypnotherapists from working their magic. For instance, the new requirement for Hypnotherapy Training Courses is 450hrs. This is an arbitrary figure, arrived at by a committee, the members of which may not be very good at Hypnotherapy, but are skilled committee members, needing to justify their existence.

The courses get more and more diffuse, straying into ‘cognitive’, ‘clinical’, ‘psycho’, ‘analytical’, etc. These are just ‘bolt-ons’ to what is the nearest thing to magic I’ve ever found. They completely miss the point when it comes to the way the subconscious mind reacts.

The fact is that effective hypnotherapy is not a science. It’s an art form.
In terms of effective hypnotherapy – less, most definitely, is more. The movement to train hypnotherapists to miss this point, does not bode well for the future of effective hypnotherapy.

The greater the number of Hypnotherapists trained in the academic model, the fewer real ‘artists’ there will be to enable people to make real and lasting changes in their lives, and not waste time, money and effort on an academic exercise in futility. More on this later.

What are your views?